Want your eyebrows to look fuller without having to undergo any tedious process? We got you. Microblading, commonly known as the “semi-permanent eyebrow treatment,” is now available, and only a call away.

How It Works

Microblading is simply drawing your eyebrow from the epidermis, i.e., the outer layer of the skin. A pen-like device with multiple needles on the nib is used for minor scratching. The pen drops a pigment of the same color as the eyebrow hair on the skin’s surface.

As the pigmentation reaches completion, it appears like strokes of hair. This gives a naturally fuller look to the eyebrows. Thick eyebrows are trending, and getting them has never been this easy.

All You Need

To Know About Microblading, With Corina

  1. We carry the process of pigmentation only by using sterilized tools. Once used, the pigmentation tool is disposed of immediately.
  2. We pay full attention when preparing the pigmentation.
  3. We carefully take face measurements before starting the process to ensure our precision is not affected by the relaxation or contraction of facial muscles.
  4. There is always a need for modification in this process, and we are more than ready to provide this. When the final pigment has healed, we do an additional pigmentation that helps in maintaining the look.

Guidelines For Microblading

  1. The color of strokes is darker in the beginning. It fades in subsequent days.
  2. After a month, you will feel the need to add more pigmentation. You should not switch hands in media-res.
  3. Once the treatment is completed, the real journey starts, which demands care and attention towards your eyebrows. Clean your brows and apply cream from time to time.
  4. Oily skin might need some changes after healing. Do not panic because it is natural to face such issues. We have all the solutions ready.