About Us

What’s So Special

Our artists have undergone a series of tutoring and grooming sessions from some big names in the beauty and make-up industry. We have been trained under England’s well-known artists who have mastered the repertoire of make-up techniques and are willing to extend the skill. What makes us special and different from our counterparts in Bournemouth, is the:
  • The experience we gained from practical tutoring at Delamar Academy, which is validated by the British Accreditation Council for Professional Make-up Designing.
  • Collaborative understanding of customer demands that we developed after working with UK’s beauty expert, John Woodbridge.
  • Professional hairdressing training from Patrick Cameron, who works with the global organization, Wella.
  • Ultimate schooling from the experts at Pinewood Studios.
We have also published editorials in pre-eminent fashion magazines, which speaks of our profound skills and dexterity in understanding the world of fashion. Our knowledge exceeds all limits to justify our passion.

Our Achievement

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