The beauty and make-up industry has seen more revolutionary changes than any other sector in the past five years. These crucial advancements have redefined the value you should put on yourself. The gaze has shifted from others to you now because how you like yourself is all that matters. Corina’s Fibroblast/Phi-ion treatment aims at giving its customers the skin they want. If you are willing to have a tighter and firm skin texture, you must consider going through this mechanical treatment, which is now possible with zero side effects.

How It Works

You might have heard bizarre myths about fibroblast treatment about how they are agonizing, unpleasant, and whatnot. However, trust us when we say that it causes zero pain and discomfort. A simple metallic electronic pen is all we need to set ourselves up for this treatment. Fibroblast works on plasma charges. It takes nearly a half-hour to forty five-minutes in sculpting a new arch on your face that can give you a more carved look if you want one. The charge created by the electric pen, makes the skin contract, getting rid of all the flab and sagginess in one go.

All You Need

To About The Treatment

  1. We carry the Fibroblast treatment using a plasma pen. First, we do a quick cleansing of your skin. Then, we perform the final act of rubbing the plasma pen to create a microcharge. This forms a protective covering of the skin. To control any pain or irritation, we finally apply anesthetic cream.
  2. After the treatment has been performed, you might notice yellow spots of 0.2mm diameter on the treated area along with a swelling of the eyelids. If you face a tingling sensation, understand that they are a temporary side-effect of the treatment that disappears in 7-10 days.
  3. If you follow our aftercare routine, the treatment is enough to last for nine months. However, after one month, you must visit us so that we can analyze the skin and check if your skin requires additional treatment.
  4. Regular and diligent commitment towards the aftercare treatment is a prerequisite for achieving the correct results as this process is developed on the foundation of skin-healing. The practitioners and all persons representing the salon are not liable for the consequence of the treatment arising as a result of inadequate aftercare.
  • Perfect smoothening of the skin
  • Contours the face cut
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Decreases the visibility of dark circles
  • Easy treatment for removing acne

The process is safe and easy to use. You can trust us on this because we are skilled in the work we do. Fibroblast treatment will give a new definition to your skin by exfoliating and toning it. The immediate results of this process will surprise you.

Are you ready to have healthier skin? We are waiting to hear from you. Let go of the conventions and stand tall for who you are. Remember, your beauty is defined by how you see yourself.

Guidelines To Follow After Undergoing Fibroblast Treatment

Once the treatment is over, sincerely follow this aftercare treatment for the next seven days, which will elevate the healing process.


PhiFace AfterTreatment mask is applied to heal the skin. You mustn’t wash your face for a minimum of 5 hours to retain its effect. To improve the results, you can keep your face from washing for the next 12 hours.


Do not apply creams, lotions, serums other than those mentioned to you in the guide provided. Only use the products that we provide, such as PhiSoothing Cream and Ultimate Skin Cocktail, to avoid infection or skin reaction.


Do not apply even slight make-up on your face or eye-lids for the next 48 hours after the treatment has taken place.


4. Pay immense attention to keeping your skin away from dust, sunlight, or any extreme atmospheric condition that may directly affect the skin. That means, avoid activities such as sunbathing, beauty treatments, excessive training that leads to sweat production, visiting public bathing centers, tanning salons and other households/on-household chores that expose the skin to infection.


Philings Palette Treatment with Botox or Implantation of Dermal fillers can be performed safely only after three weeks of the fibroblast treatment. Botox and derma fillers are not allowed for the first two weeks.


Practitioners, professionals, or any persons are not liable for results if the customer does not follow the post-treatment care, properly.