3D Lipo Ultimate Pro

3D Lipo Ultimate Pro

If you want to disrupt your body’s fat cells in order to get a slimmer and firmer appearance, 3D Lipo Ultimate Pro is just for you. Using this ultimate non-invasive technology, we are committed to providing you with the physique you deserve. You can start attaining that body now! 3D Li po Ultimate pro is a straightforward technique that uses technology to target and drain fat from your body rather than invasive surgery. 

What is 3D Lipo Ultimate Pro?

3D Lipo Ultimate Pro, the number one body contouring brand, will transform your physique! Medical Grade 3D Ultimate Pro is the next-generation multi-technology platform that combines the most modern technologies to provide a comprehensive and prescriptive approach to non-surgical face and body treatments. This device combines four high-quality clinical technologies into a single machine:

  1. Cryolipolysis
  2. Cavitation
  3. Radiofrequency
  4. Vacuum
  5. Shockwaves

This results in a corn prehensive, effective, and safe treatment option for the following conditions, concerns, and outcomes:

  • Cellulite
  • Fat Reduction
  • Body contouring and sculpting
  • Skin tightening and lifting
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Wrinkles and textures on the body

How Does 3D Lipo Ultimate Pro Work?

The membranes of fat cells are damaged by non-invasive equipment during the 3D cavitation therapy. Low-frequency sound waves, as well as light suction in certain areas, heat and vibrate the targeted fat layers beneath the skin’s surface. The fat cell content, mainly triglycerides, is disseminated into the fluid between the cells and transferred to the liver through the arterial and lymphatic systems. The liver does not distinguish between fat generated from 3D cavitation therapy and fat derived from eaten meals. Fat cells liquefy and release their contents into circulation as a result of the pressure, and both are handled by the body’s natural systems.

What is the difference between 3D Lipo and Surgical Liposuction?

The 3D procedure is non-invasive, as opposed to standard liposuction. There is no requirement for anesthesia. To decrease fat without penetrating beyond the skin, we employ a variety of techniques such as ultrasound, radio frequency, shockwave, and cryolipolysis. In contrast to surgical liposuction, the 3D procedure yields excellent results with little downtime, allowing you to resume your everyday activities immediately. 

How Many Techniques Are Involved?

Each technology on the 3D-Ultimate Pro is utilized to address a specific issue. Such as:

1. Cavitation

3D-Cavitation is the most effective method for total inch loss and fat reduction. The latest non-invasive inch loss and body reshaping procedure for localized fat, deep cellulite, and general circumference reduction. The ultrasound creates a powerful pressure wave on the fat cell membranes. A fat cell cannot endure this pressure and hence dissolves into the liquid. The liquidized fat is normally removed by the body. During therapy, a handheld ultrasound instrument softly glides overthe indicated region.

3D-Cavitation is ideal for treating biggerfat deposits, such as the belly and thighs. The initial treatment yields the most results, with an average decrease of 2-4 cm each session. Each therapy will improve the results. For maximum outcomes, a course of 6-8 sessions is advised, however, your therapist will advise you on the appropriate treatment plan for you. 

Radio Frequency — Fat Melting & Skin Tightening

3D-Radio Frequency is ideal for fat melting, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, anti-aging, and wrinkle smoothing. Radio Frequency, with its integrated vacuum suction, tightens and lifts the skin, melts fat, and improves lymphatic drainage. Local heating of the treated region produces rapid constriction of the collagen fibers while also increasing the metabolism of the fibroblast to speed up the generation of new collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in smoother, healthier, and younger-looking skin.

A tiny, spherical handpiece will be put against the skin and gently moved in circular motions. The machine will make a tiny beeping noise, and the hand piece will gradually warm up until it reaches 40 degrees. Your therapist will measure the temperature of your skin with an infrared thermometer. Once the temperature reaches 40 degrees, your therapist will sustain the heat by continuing therapy on the region fort-4 minutes before moving onto the next.

Results can be visible as soon as your first treatment, but for best results, a course of 6-8 treatments (one session per week) is suggested.


For persistent pockets of fat and cellulite, 3D-Shockwave is the ideal treatment. Shockwave treatment stimulates fat breakdown, collagen formation, and lymphatic drainage by the use of radial shockwaves,

3D-Shockwave is administered by pressing a probe into cellulite-prone regions. It generates radial waves through the skin as it travels across the region. In the treatment of cellulite, sound waves promote microcirculation within the fat layer, boosting metabolic activity and cell membrane permeability. The fat cells discharge free fatty acids and glycerol into the intercellular space. These waste materials are removed from the body through lymphatic movement and improved blood flow.

3D-Shockwave therapy may be used on a variety of body parts, including the outer and inner thighs,

knees, arms, hips, buttocks, and stomach. Results might be visible as soon as two weeks after beginning the training. You may experience even better effects if you exercise and drink more water.


Vacuum is typically used in conjunction with our radio frequency treatments. Vacuum pressure may efficiently break out cellulite, which is pocketed fat. It has long been used as a therapy for cellulite and muscle firming. By ‘melting’ the fat, the addition of radio frequency will enhance this action. Fibroblasts (collagen-producing cells) are also activated, which firms the skin and makes it look smoother. Aside from these advantages, vacuum massage improves your immunity. An increase in immunity boosts an individual’s overall health. 


3D-Cryolipolysis is ideal for stubborn fat pockets and body shaping. Cryolipolysis is sometimes known as “fat freeze.” Fat is dragged into the 3D-cryofreeze handpiece using a unique mix of electro and cryotherapy, generating a vacuum and reducing the temperature to between -7 and -11 degrees. This causes the fat cells that have been targeted to crystallize. After that, 20-40% of fat cells in the treated region die spontaneously and disintegrate. This procedure has no effect on any other structures. The

residual fat cell content is subsequently spontaneously eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system over a period of 6-12 weeks. This treatment is ideal for addressing difficult spots that refuse to budge. Inner thighs and lower abdomen are common locations for 3D-Cryolipolysis.

Depending on the size of the area being treated, the handpiece will be on the area for 30-60 minutes. On average, you might expect a 20-40% decrease in fat in the targeted area. Because it takes the body many months to clean out dead fat cells, benefits will be noticeable in 6-12 weeks.


Because everyone’s concerns are unique, hence we must strive to exceed expectations. That is the reason why we give a complimentary 15-minute consultation in the salon. This consultation is used to determine the most appropriate and successful treatment for you.

Courses— A series of eight sessions is advised for the best outcomes. Measurements and photographs are taken at your first, fourth, and eighth treatments and documented in your treatment journal to record your progress.

What to Expect?

Some customers may experience slight discomfort immediately following each treatment; nevertheless, it is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction with relatively few dangers or side effects, particularly when compared to conventional liposuction. After each treatment, you can resume your normal activities. 

Are There Any Risks?

We always begin with a thorough consultation in order to develop a customized plan to achieve our customers’ objectives, since a mix of technologies generally yields the required results. Aside from the chance of slight pain immediately following each treatment, this non-invasive technique of liposuction has relatively few risks or side effects, especially when compared to conventional liposuction. After each treatment, you can resume your normal activities.