Lash Lifting

Lash Lifting

What if we told you that you can now get naturally lifted eyelashes? Well, not entirely natural, but keep the spirits high because it is time for a change. Lash lifting is a make-up mechanism that allows your lashes to take better shape and form. It alters the color and direction in which your eyelashes grow. By giving your lashes upward orient and a darker tint, we curl your lashes and provide a “done-up” look.

Service Description

  • Trained and qualified with LVL, London in 2007, Corina’s founder has the professional skills in this specific art.
  • The silicon rod is sanitized before usage.
  • Easy and quick results with no tedious process involved.
  • Better and longer-effect than mascara. Lashes look much fuller and luscious after lash lifting than after applying mascara.
  • Guaranteed to last for 6-8 weeks.

Embrace Your Natural Lashes

How empowering it feels to have the freedom of embracing

your attributes all alone!

Lash lifting is a rather suitable process as it allows you to have access to the change you want for your lashes. You can choose the length and density of your lashes, too.

The process is simple and neat. We curl your lashes and stick them to the silicon rod to secure the proper shape. Once this is done, we apply a moisturizer to maintain the keratin of the hair.

Follow our advice and don’t use any cream or mascara upon the lashes for one day, and we are all set for dense and bushy lashes.  It is the safest means to get an appealing look and see the full potential of your eyes.