Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup

Qualified from Demalar Academy in the art of rendering flawless skin, we provide a fertile airbrush makeup application. It is a beauty mechanism that compresses the air in a device so that a layer of foundation or other cosmetics can be sprayed upon your skin. Airbrush makeup gives you a long-lasting look with zero maintenance for the big difference you crave to see in your look.

What Performance To Expect

To mark an august gathering with your presence, applying airbrush makeup can be your one and final call. It will help you meld into the dreamy picture you have set for yourself. It is best-suited for bridal atmospheres. Bridal airbrush make-up is voguishly leading the way of the beauty industry. Here are its benefits:

  • Water-resistant due to silicone as the base element.
  • Naturally diffuses with the skin.
  • Flawless and light finish that does not tire or mask your inner glow.
  • Long-lasting effect using fewer cosmetics.
  • Allows space to decide the amount of layering and coverage.

Products Used

Beauty without quality is an irreparable blemish.

We make sure that

 You understand the gravity of this by giving you a flawless experience, using the highest quality cosmetics that are naturally adaptable to the skin. Our products are from the TEMPTU range. We also choose the following brands:

  • M.A.C
  • Lancome
  • Urban Decay

We use unique TEMPTU silicone-based airbrush makeup to flakiness. The task is to keep your skin creamy and we maintain that at all costs. We use this range to suit our customers with dry skin types, as TEMPTU renders a dewy layering to your film of cosmetics. Define your guise with a better pronouncement of your charisma. With Corina, you gain services from a place of knowledge gained from John Woodbridge, our founder’s mentor at Pinewood studios in 2006.

Will Airbrush Makeup Suit Me

Although best suited for moist skin, bridal airbrush make-up is friendly towards all skin-types, provided you get it done by a professional. Our approach involves regulating the resources to film you with a layer that diffuses and melts into your skin, giving you a naturally flawless look. Bid adieu to flaky makeup that wears out. Corina will give you a finish that will transform you into the perfect version of yourself. If you have fine lines, leave it to us to conceal them and give you glowing skin. For darker wrinkles, use a powder or cream-based foundation to keep the creaminess of your skin right in place. A good skin-care regime can keep your skin more hydrated and radiant. This would increase your chances of having perfect and flawless skin.